Women's Health Wilmington

Psychiatric Medicine

Office Hours:


Open Thursdays and Fridays from 8:30 to 3pm, evenings and weekends by appointment, and Wednesday mornings by phone with Rikki for scheduling and billing

Does Dr. Thompson only see women?

  • No.  Dr. Thompson has geared her office towards female patients, but she also welcomes men at the clinic.


Do I need a referral from my primary care doctor?

  • No. Referrals are always welcome from other physicians and advanced practice providers, but patients may also self-refer for appointments. If your insurance policy requires a referral, please have your PCP fax it to the office.


Why is Dr. Thompson listed as in-network for my insurance company?

  • Dr. Thompson also works at New Hanover Regional Medical Center and is on panel with all of the hospital accepted insurance companies, including Medicaid and several commercial policies not accepted at this office, for her hospital-based inpatient and emergency room services.  Dr. Thompson does not have an outpatient office at the hospital. Please see the insurance and fees information tab above for further information about which insurance policies are accepted at this office. 

Will Dr. Thompson file out-of-network insurance benefits for me?

  • Dr. Thompson will assist patients with filing for out-of-network private insurance benefits to the best of her ability if requested.  However, patients are ultimately responsible for their own insurance benefits and can use the online patient portal to print a copy of their billing statements for insurance purposes.  All billing statements have the required billing codes listed on them. Reimbursement will go directly to the patient or primary insurance subscriber.  Individuals who would like to maintain privacy about their diagnoses are advised to consider whether or not they want their insurance company privy to this information.

Can I see Dr. Thompson if I am 65 or older?

  • YES. Medicare is now accepted. Please be mindful that Medicare Advantage policies are essentially the same as private insurance policies and are not accepted at the office.  The office only accepts original Medicare and supplemental policies.